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Is Bundle Pricing Worth The Money?

Sometimes Bundle Pricing looks like one of those things that are unbelievably cost-effective, but is it actually that cost-effective? You will get to know that, till the end of this article.

What is a Bundle Pricing?

How much it feels too good to be true, just like everything it has its own pros and cons, but first, let’s find out, What is a Bundle? So, Bundle can be referred as the package of things wrapped together, in simple word it is combining two or more services together and then providing them in a discounted price, it can be done by one provider or it can be a joint venture of two or more, it totally depends upon organizations to organizations. Sometimes these deals combine internet, television, home phone and cellphone services on one consolidated bill, which makes it hassle-free. Sometimes these deals have security services included in them which makes them very a very interesting deal.

According to the Deloitte survey of 2018, 56% of Americans have chosen bundle pricing because it is a better deal and similar data has been seen from 2019.

So, Why should you contemplate, on subscribing to a bundle deal?

Well, the most obvious reason is that it saves you money every month and for the providers it makes them have more customers so they are ready to give up on some of their profits for you. To prove my point, there is a table of six leading internet and tv providers, it will help you to understand better about the deals.

ProviderInternet monthly price*TV monthly price*Internet and TV bundle price*Bundle saving per month

*Prices may vary by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. As of 27/04/20.

As you can see some of these bundles offer higher than average discounts with considerably high-speed internet. If you’re looking for a triple-play bundle, then you can save even more as some times all three services can save up to $50/per month or more, this obviously depends upon the provider and the package deal you choose.

Now let’s talk about some pros and cons of bundling-

Pros of Bundle Pricing

ATTRACTIVE INTRODUCTORY PRICING- Most of these providers have very reasonable introductory discounts or prices (introductory prices can be defined as discounted prices for new customers), which can last up to 6 months, sometimes a year.

EASIER TO BUY- It is always easy when you can buy all the things at one place rather than buying them at different places, that is how bundling helps because you get all the things at on place, it is like a one stop shop.

JUST ONE BILL- There is less hassle when it comes to bundling because you just receive one bill for two, or more services, which makes them convenient and easy to locate. It is a good thing if you tend to lose paperwork because all the information is consolidated in one document.

MORE CHANNELS AND FASTER INTERNET SPEED- Most of the time the offered bundles have a diverse range of channels, mixed with a better speed option than the one offered in that price stature which makes it diversified and a better option in a basic price.

COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES- Many providers come up with complementary services like free installation, waived fees, and premium programming which makes these bundles even more attractive.

DEALING WITH ONE VENDOR- It is easier to deal with one vendor than dealing with individual vendors for individual problems, as you have to keep different numbers and sometimes it becomes an inconvenience.

Cons of Bundle Pricing

STICKER SHOCK- Sticker shock is when the promotion ends and you are expected to pay a higher amount which comes as shock to you. It also becomes difficult to leave the provider at that time because of the contract.

CONTRACT- Providers who come up with discounts on bundles they often ask you to sign a contract, or agreement where you are expected to use the services of that company for a certain amount of time after the promotion ends, it also has a clause where you have to pay a certain amount of money if you terminate the contract. Sometimes the provider intentionally degrades its services after the promotional pricing is over, this happens in a very rare case because most of the providers are looking forward to have a goodwill with the customer.

CONFUSION- It is confusing to try and compare all the bundles with your requirements it needs a lot of patience, time, and energy which we lack due to our busy schedules.

UNNECESSARY CHANNELS- Sometimes these bundles do not come as planned, they have channels which you do not require, yet you a asked to pay for them, which becomes wastage of money.

EXTRA CHARGES- While these bundle pricings are too-good to be true sometimes they come with extra charges, you get to have free HD channels with them, but wait there is a catch where you have to pay a certain amount to lease an HD box, so it becomes an add on to your bill, resulting to extra charges.

So, as you get to know about different bundles, keep in mind the extra facts which are both positive and negative, I mean remember to check for extra charges and extra services because sometimes those are your deciding factors for buys a bundle.

Can we customize Bundle Plan?

With the competition becoming tougher and tougher, many providers have decided to have customized bundle deals, which means that you will be allowed to customize the whole bundle by your choice, which makes this kind of pricing more cost-effective and easy to use, in these kinds of customization, you are allowed to choose even single channels, sometimes they also have on and off services where you can ask them not to charge you for several days because of you out of town, so at that time your services will be disconnected and your money will not be added in your bill for those days.

How to choose Bundle Plan?

There is one question that always pops up in your mind and that is who should go for bundling services and who shouldn’t? well, the answer is very simple, individuals or families who enjoy a diverse option of entertainment channels should always opt for bundling services, whereas people who prefer less internet and more television and vice versa should go for standalone packages or should customize their packages.

Compare and choose your plan.

One more information for those who rely on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, instead of television, there are several providers who provide with bundles of such streaming services which then can be added with internet monthly package.

I hope you’re now well aware of bundle pricing and its specifications. The question of it being worth the money is something that totally depends upon your requirements.


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