Utilities in the Deregulated States


What is the work of utility in deregulated states?

In states where you have the option to buy energy from the utility or any other supplier the work of utility is to provide you with the supply of electricity, its maintenance, and repair.

You may change your supplier but you cannot change your utility.

States with Deregulation

MassachusettsMichiganNew Jersey
New YorkOhioTexas

Utilities Of Different States

New York

Central Hudson Gas & Electric

Central Hudson Gas & Electric utility received the Headliner Award for Customer Service in 2015. It serves 300,000 electric customers in New York’s Mid-Hudson River Valley. It was Founded in 1900.

National Grid (Keyspan New York)

Keyspan New York provides service to 3.6 million natural gas customers and 3.4 million electricity customers in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It is a subsidiary of National Grid. It was founded in 1998.

Consolidated Edison Co.

Founded in 1823, the Consolidated Edison Company has become one of the world’s largest energy delivery companies. It serves 10 million customers in various parts of New York and is dedicated to the maintenance and delivery of high-quality services.


Eversource Energy

Eversource Energy, is one of the top utility companies of the state, serving more than 1.2 million electric customers. Eversource provides reliable energy to residents and business owners.

United Illuminating

The United Illuminating Company was established in 1899. It is based in New Haven, Conn. It is a regional electric utility, which serves 17 communities around Bridgeport and New Haven. The subsidiary of United Illuminating is Avangrid.


AEP Texas Central

It was founded in 1916. AEP Texas Central is operating in southern and central Texas. It delivers energy to around  800,000 customers. It is a subsidiary of American Electric Power Company.

AEP Texas North

Formerly West Texas Utility, AEP Texas North is an electric utility that provides service to 176 cities in central, northern, and western Texas. It delivers energy to more than 184,000 customers and operates over 18,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines.

CenterPoint Energy

Headquarters of Centerpoint Energy is in Houston, where it also serves as the primary electrical utility. In addition to providing electrical service to two million Houston residents and businesses,  CenterPoint has won numerous awards for its service and environmental stewardship, including the SAP Utility of the Year award for 2014 and the Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award from the Environmental Protection Agency in 2013.

Oncor Electric Delivery

Oncor Electric Delivery is across 402 cities and 91 counties in Texas, making it the largest electric utilities in the state. Oncore employs advanced energy technologies to improve and maintain its 122,000 miles and 3.4 million meters of the power line.

Sharyland Utilities

Headquartered in Dallas and Founded in 1998, Sharyland Utilities is a, publicly regulated Texas utility. It delivered electricity to roughly 50,000 customers in 29 countries throughout the state. In addition to delivering energy, Sharyland Utilities was also engaged in a number of generation and transmission projects.

Texas-New Mexico Power

Based in Lewisville, Texas, Texas-New Mexico Power provides service to roughly 236,000 customers in more than 20 communities throughout the state. The utility manages over 9,000 miles of distribution wires and electric power lines.


San Diego Gas & Electric

San Diego Gas & Electric was founded in 1881, is the primary natural gas utility for San Diego and southern Orange County. It is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, a Fortune 500 energy company, SDG&E delivers natural gas and electricity to over 3.6 million customers.

Southern California Gas

Southern California Gas is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, it is the primary natural gas utility for southern California. Southern California Gas is In operation for over 140 years, it serves over more than 500 communities to 20 million natural gas customers. Its service area ranges from the Mexican border to Visalia, up in the San Joaquin Valley which is approximately 20,000 square miles.


Atlanta Gas Light

Atlanta Gas Light is a subsidiary of AGL Resources, founded in 1856, delivers gas to over 4.5 million customers. Atlanta Gas Light Company is the largest natural gas distributor in the southeastern United States, providing service to over 1.6 million customers across the state of Georgia. Atlanta Gas Light is headquartered in Atlanta.


Emera Maine

The areas previously served by the Bangor Hydro and Maine Public Service are now served by  Emera Maine energy. Its 10,400-square-mile service area including over 150,000 customers.

Central Maine Power

Central Maine Power Company serves over 600,000 customers, Founded in 1899, it services area covers 11,000 square miles. Central Maine Power repairs and maintains over 25,000 miles of electric wires.


Nicor Gas

Nicor Gas is a subsidiary of AGL Resources it was founded in 1954,. It is the largest gas utility in northern Illinois. Its service territory includes the northern part of the state. It operates and maintains over 34,000 miles of natural gas pipelines.

Commonwealth Edison Company

Commonwealth Edison Company provides utility services to 3.8 million customers in Illinois. It is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. The company puts its customers’ needs first, offering a range of educational information on energy and technologically-advanced customer service functions.

North Shore Gas

North Shore Gas is a gas utility serving northern Chicago. It was founded in 1900. It delivers natural gas to 159,000 customers. Northshore Gas is a subsidiary of People’s Gas. It is based in Chicago, Illinois.


Ameren Illinois is a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation it is based in Collinsville, Illinois. Ameren Illinois was founded in the early 1900s and it delivers energy to over 1.2 million electric in over 1,200 communities in central and southern Illinois. It also maintains and repairs 45,000 miles of electrical lines.


Baltimore Gas & Electric

Baltimore Gas & Electric the largest utility in Maryland. It is a subsidiary of Exelon, with a service area of over 2,300 square miles. BG&E delivers electricity to 1.25 million customers and maintains over 25,000 miles of distribution and transmission lines.

Delmarva Power & Light

A subsidiary of Exelon, Delmarva Power was founded in 1909. The utility delivers electricity to 515,000 customers in Maryland and Delaware and natural gas to over 129,000 customers.

Washington Gas Light

Washington Gas Light Company is the primary natural gas utility for the District of Columbia. Founded in 1848, It delivers natural gas to over a million customers throughout Washington D.C., and the surrounding area.  It is a subsidiary of WGL Holdings, Inc.


Metropolitan Edison

Metropolitan Edison is an Akron-based electric utility company that operates in eastern and central Pennsylvania A subsidiary of First Energy. Founded in 1917, Met-Ed delivers electricity to over 560,000 customers. It has a service area of 3,300 square miles.

Duquesne Light

Duquesne Light Company is the primary electric utility for the Pittsburgh area, founded in the late 1870s. It delivers electricity to over 500,000 customers in its 817 square mile service area. It operates, manages over 45,000 miles of overhead power lines.


The Philadelphia Electric Company, or PECO, is the largest combination natural gas and electricity utility. Founded in 1881, it provides service to 1.6 million electric customers. It has a service area of 2,100 square miles.

National Fuel Gas (PA)

National Fuel is a natural gas utility that serves western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania, Founded in 1902. In Pennsylvania, its service area includes Sharon and Erie. It delivers energy to 740,000 customers and is headquartered in Williamsville, NY.

Peoples Gas

In 2013, Equitable Gas was purchased by Peoples Gas company. Peoples serves over 700,000 natural gas customers. Its service area in Pennsylvania includes the cities of Pittsburgh, Indiana, Altoona, Clarion, Johnstown, and Uniontown.

PPL Electric Utilities

Founded in 1920, PPL Electric Utilities serves nearly 1.4 million customers in Pennsylvania, making it one of the largest utilities in the state. PPL remains dedicated to improving its services for customer power delivery and services. Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

UGI Penn Natural Gas

UGI Penn Natural gas is the largest natural gas distribution company in the northeast and central Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, it delivers energy to roughly 158,000 customers across 13 counties. The utility was founded in 1854.

West Penn Power

A subsidiary of First Energy Corp, West Penn Power is headquartered in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. It is is a natural gas and electric utility. It delivers energy to over 724,000 electric customers.

UGI Central Penn Gas

UGI Central Penn was founded in 1944 and is based in Allentown, PA. It is a subsidiary of UGI Utilities, Inc. It is a natural gas and electric utility. They deliver energy to over 650,000 customers in hundreds of communities across the state. It was formerly known as PPL Gas Utilities Corp.


Vectren Energy Delivery

Vectren delivers natural gas to over a million customers in Ohio and Indiana. It is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. In Ohio, Vectren delivers to 314,000 customers.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy Ohio is a subsidiary of Duke Energy. Duke Energy Ohio delivers electricity to 840,000 south-eastern Ohio. It has a service area of 3,000 square miles.

 Ohio Power Company

The company is headquartered in Columbus A subsidiary of AEP Ohio, Ohio Power transmits and distributes electricity to nearly 1.5 customers. Founded in 1907, the utility manages and operates over 31,000 miles of electrical wire.

Ohio Edison

Ohio Edison delivers electricity to over one million customers in Ohio. Ohio Edison is a subsidiary of First Energy. It manages and operates over 30,000 miles of electric power lines.

Dominion East

Dominion East Ohio is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources, Dominion Resources was ranked No. 1 among electrical and gas utilities in Fortune’s list of “World’s Most Admired Companies” in 2015. It was founded in 1983.

Toledo Edison

Founded in 1881, Toledo Edison delivers electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Ohio. A subsidiary of First Energy.

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