Energy Choice Program

What is the Energy Choice Program?

As the name suggests, the Energy Choice Program allows the consumer himself/herself to decide his/her, energy provider. Prior to the deregulation of electricity, utility companies provided the energy themselves and the consumers had no say over the matter. As such, there was no competition in the market. However, post-deregulation of electricity in 1990, the scenario has changed and that has opened the doors for energy suppliers to compete with each other in the open market, thereby providing competitive prices for the consumers. As a result, the consumers of the deregulated states in the country can voluntarily opt for the providers whose rates are affordable and suitable for them. The sole motive behind this program is to help the consumers switch to a different energy provider easily and seamlessly, thereby making their lives easier by saving substantially on their energy bills.

Why opt for this program

ECP is designed keeping mainly the consumers’ interest and well – being in mind. Our energy consultants are extremely knowledgeable and always at your service explaining each and every query of yours regarding any electric plan that you are interested in, in detail. Being true to our mission statement – Making switching easier – we strive to keep the switching process simple and easy for the consumers to comprehend. The switching process with ECP is completely transparent and easy to follow once the energy consultant has explained everything in details.

Understanding the Utility and the Supplier

The utility is the company that delivers the energy safely to the consumer, tracks the consumer’s usage and maintains his/her billing, undertake any repair works related to the infrastructure required for all of the above. On the other hand, supplier is the actual seller of the energy that the Utility company delivers to the consumer. The suppliers compete with each other in the open market place through various promotional offers and offering competitive rates.

Choosing Your Energy Supplier

More suppliers in the market mean more options for you ranging from various promotional offers offered by the suppliers to actually lower rates of the energy they supply to you. Based on the available options, you can opt for the supplier offering the best plan that is suitable for you and it is pretty easy, believe me! However, when it comes to actually selecting the suitable supplier, you might feel awestruck by the plethora of options available at your disposal and that it exactly where our expertise comes into play. Our knowledgeable Energy Consultants are just a phone call away waiting eagerly to answer your queries and handhold you in choosing the most suitable supplier for you.

Important Points to remember while choosing a new energy supplier

To help you choose a new supplier effectively and to make your transition from the current supplier to a new supplier easy and hassle-free, has done some extensive market research and come up with some basic points to be kept in mind while doing so. Here are four of them –

Availability of supplier in your state:

Ensure that the supplier is licensed to do business in your state.

Current energy consumption estimation:

Before you select a new supplier, go through a recent utility bill and find out how much you are paying each month towards the energy consumption.

Supplier’s reputation and History:

Always opt for a supplier who is authorized and licensed to serve your state. We ensure that only licensed energy suppliers are taken into consideration while providing options to you for the switch.

Utilize your Power to Choose:

With this unique power bestowed upon you, you can do wonders to cut down on your energy bills. All you need to do is carefully compare the various competitive rates available in the market and approximately calculate what your savings would be as per each available plan and then select the most suitable one.

At any given point in time, if you feel overwhelmed or confused, reach out to us and let our experts help you out.

Some questions that might arise in your mind:

What changes occur to my energy account when I switch suppliers? Only the supplier name and the customer service contact number.

What remains the same? Your Utility Company, the infrastructure, the delivery of your energy, the maintenance of your Energy Account, the billing for your energy consumption.

Is the process tedious? Absolutely not! It’s a very simple process and our Energy Consultant would walk you through the entire process. Usually, it doesn’t take more than ten minutes – from the time your eligibility check is done – to complete the transition process.

Would I be given anything in writing? Definitely! Once your transition process is completed, you would receive all the terms and conditions in a printed format, delivered to the address mentioned in your application for switching of suppliers.

States serviced by

Below are the states serviced by us and their available energy suppliers:

  • ComEd
  • Nicor Gas
  • North Shore Gas
  • People Gas
New Jersey
  • AEP Ohio
  • AEP Columbus
  • Dayton Power & Light
  • Duke Electric Ohio
  • Illuminating Company
  • Ohio Edison
  • Toledo Edison
  • Columbia Gas Ohio
  • Dominion East Ohio
  • Duke Gas Ohio

So, what are you waiting for? Just call us on 1-877-739-0729 and let our Energy Consultants do what they do the best, that is, help you save on your energy bills by selecting the most suitable Energy plan for you.

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