Energy Deregulation

Since the late 1990’s, when Electric and Gas deregulation came into existence, new competitive markets in several deregulated states have been opened up, where the customers have the power to choose their energy suppliers based on the rates being offered by these suppliers. The passing of the deregulation bill in various states meant that the Utility Companies had to unbundle the services they had been providing to the customers till now and sell off their generation assets while they had to purchase electricity and gas on the wholesale market alongside competitive retail suppliers. The responsibilities of the Utility Companies are currently restricted to delivery or distribution of energy, any maintenance requirement on the account and billing services for the account.

During the initial phase of deregulation, due to unavailability of competitive options, the customers were not able to switch their suppliers immediately. However, there has been a major turnaround in that situation in recent years, where multiple competitive suppliers have entered the retail energy market offering the customers a plethora of different rate plans and services which would help them make some significant savings on their monthly electric and gas bills. Click here to compare rates from competitive suppliers NOW.

At, we aim to make the process of switching suppliers much easier for customers by providing a detailed comparison of electric and gas plans, rates and suppliers within your state and an easy to use enrollment form. If you have any questions, please call one of our expert representatives at +1-877-739-0729

States currently serviced and their respective utilities:

Illinois –

  • ComEd
  • Nicor Gas
  • North Shore Gas
  • People Gas

New Jersey –

  • PSE&G – Electric
  • JCPL
  • Rockland Electric
  • Atlantic City Electric
  • PSE&G – Gas
  • Elizabethtown Gas
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • South Jersey Gas

Pennsylvania –

  • PECO – Electric
  • PPL Electric Utilities
  • Duquesne Light
  • Allegheny / West Penn Power
  • Met – Ed
  • Penelec / Pennsylvania Electric Company
  • Penn Power
  • PECO – Gas
  • Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
  • National Fuel Gas
  • People Gas
  • UGI Utilities
  • Philadelphia Gas Works
  • People Gas E – Equitable
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