Power to Choose

With deregulation of Electricity and Gas coming into effect across some of the states in the country, the consumers have been bestowed with a tremendous power – the Power To Choose. Why is this considered to be such a great power?

Imagine the following scenario:

you are being forced to pay 20 cents per KWH for your electricity consumption when you know there are other suppliers from whom you can get the same at a mere 12 cents or 10 cents or even 8 cents per KWH but you have no option to choose the latter.

That’s why this Power To Choose is so important because, now it is YOU who can decide how much you are going to spend on your Energy (Electricity and Gas) consumption, whom you are going to take the energy from, what rates you are going to opt for. No Utility Company can force you to go for a particular supplier at a higher rate per KWH when you can save more if you opt for another supplier.

Deregulation of energy has curtailed the responsibilities of the Utility Companies and restricted them to merely maintenance of your Energy Account and delivery of the energy to your home, thereby empowering you with the ability to choose the supplier all by yourself. The reason can be anything, ranging from financial (lower rates per KWH) to emotional (husband/wife/relative working with that supplier).

As the saying goes – With great power comes great responsibility. So, choose your supplier responsibly and carefully as you can save yourself and your family a great deal on the Electricity and Gas consumption by doing so.


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