Green Energy

What Is Green/Renewable Energy?

Understanding Green Energy

What is Green Energy? Where does it come from? What are the salient features of Green Energy? Let’s take a look.

Green Energy Is:


Green energy, which is nothing but renewable/recyclable energy is clean and pollution – free; this means the energy is produced without polluting the environment and emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere is also prevented, thereby reducing global warming.


Sources of green energy are independent of each other and unique by themselves. The main sources of Green Energy are Water (Hydroelectric Power), Air (Wind Energy) and Heat (Geo – thermal and Solar Energy). In spite of their variation, each of them is a reliable source of energy and help protect the environment.


Green Energy is 100% renewable and recyclable. What it means is that the sources of these Energies are natural (like water, heat and air); as such, inexhaustible and can be recycled with almost no or minimum loss.


Since the sources of Green Energy are varied natural resources, it means that more locales have the potential to harvest this renewable energy within the country itself without any dependence on any foreign country.


Green Energy is cheaper to produce as compared to fossil – fuels since the sources are abundant and available all over the country. As per statistics, between 2010 and 2012, the cost of producing Wind Energy dropped by 20 percent and by over 80 percent since 1980.


Since Green Energy is pollution-free, inexhaustible, available widely all over the country, it goes without saying that this Energy is here to stay and get better and more promising with the passage of time. The benefits which are being reaped today from the Green Energy would only increase with every passing day, month and year.

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