Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Self-Installation of Spectrum Internet

Shopping Spectrum Internet? But due to the pandemic, you do not want a technician to visit?
Spectrum is one of the few internet providers who are making installation easy for their subscribers.
Just choose an internet plan and then get the easiest way to activate your connection and home Wi-Fi.

Steps to Install Spectrum Internet and home Wi-Fi

Connect to modem

  1. Locate the coax cable and connect the two ends to the cable outlet and your modem, respectively.
  2. Attach the modem and power cable. Plug the modem to an electrical outlet, near your favorable location.
  3. The modem will connect to the network within 5 minutes. The light labeled as, “Online Status” will be solid when the connection is complete.

Connect the modem to your Wi-Fi router

  1. Look for the ether cable in the self-install kit and then connect it with the modem.
  2. The opposite end of the same port should be connected to your Wi-Fi router, so that you get an internet connection.
  3. Connect the router to an electrical outlet as well so that it gets the electricity.
  4. For the connection to be successful. Wait for the “Wi-Fi status” light to turn blue. As, it could take up to 10 minutes.

Connect your wireless network to the device

  1. Go to the wi-fi settings menu on any device.
  2. Choose the network name(SSID). It is listed on the sticker on the back of the router.

Internet Equipment to be activated

  1. Look for the activation website located in the self-install kit, and complete the steps to activate the service.
  2. If the website is unavailable call 877 309 5869, as to have a representative help you with the activation.

Looking for more providers?

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That is to say, you can call the expert consultants if you need help to find a plan. Therefore, with letuscompare , judgment can be quick and reliable.


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