Friday, November 20th, 2020

Energy-saving tips to survive Winter

Energy-saving tips to survive Winter. Winters is one time when your energy consumption is at the peak. You receive a higher bill if you have a variable rate plan. So how can you change that? Well, here are a few ways:

Switch ceiling fan’s blade rotation

If you switch your ceiling fan’s rotation to clockwise spin. As a result, all the hot air that rises will be pushed back to you making the place warmer. And eventually making the heating bill less. Most of you have not thought about this but this is one of the ways to save in your bill.

Buy an EPA certified fireplace

During winters most us love sitting near their fireplace and enjoy some heat. But it is costing you more than you think. So it is better to switch to an EPA-certified model or a fireplace that will conserve energy.

Make Windows Weather-Proof

During summers and winters unto 30% of your house’s heat or cool escapes because of windows. This happens because of the low efficiency of these windows. You can simply cover your windows from plastic film, it saves about 13% of your heating bill.

Buy portable Space heaters

Why buy a heater for every room, rather buy one/two portable heaters and then use it at the place you want to. Saving you with phantom appliance usage. Therefore, making your bills less.

Avoid Exhaust Fans

Avoid using exhaust fans as it will pull your heat with the smell. Making your appliances less effective. So, use them when required.

Switch normal bulbs with LEDs

Switching to LEDs is one of the most important things to do to save on your bills. It uses 75% less energy than normal bulbs. And during winters it will be better to go for LED holiday lights to save.

Buy smarter thermostat

A programable thermostat is a better buy as it can reduce approximately 12% of your bills. Invest in this during winters to save.

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