Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

Home Energy is Wasted

Did you know 20% of the energy in our homes goes wasted, every year?

That is approximately $400 of hard-earned money into waste. Out of the window or down the drain. But, most of us never realize it.

As a result, pay a lot more than the energy we use.

That is to say, you can simply take care of a few easy things and save your energy. Saving can be made easy.

Here are some energy bills saving tips to reduce your electricity bill:

1- Buy Appliances with the Energy Star

Energy Star is a program by the government that shows the appliances which have fulfilled certain criteria, for energy efficiency.

According to many reports, an energy star appliance can save over 50%. Cutting your energy cost by $50 to $30.

There are many occasions when the government offers to give tax breaks on using Energy Star Appliances. Which is an extra saving for you?

2- Unplugging Phantom Appliances

What are the Phantom load?

Phantom load refers to the electric power consumed by electronic or electrical appliances while they are switched off.

Did you know you can power 11,000,000 homes for one year with all the energy that goes to these unused appliances?

However, you can save this energy simply by unplugging these Phantom Appliances.

Few Phantom Appliances are:

  • The Cable Box- It is one of the worst energy phantoms of your houses, as they are constantly running.
  • The Stereo
  • Transformers
  • Cordless telephones and answering machines
  • Timers that operate devices
  • Security systems and fire alarms
  • Transformer-powered doorbells
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Motion sensors, light sensors, built-in timers, and automatic sprinklers

3- Buy LED

According to reports, you can save 217% per appliance if you take LED TV rather than Plasma TV.

Therefore, you can save unto $15 per month, just on television.

Similarly, LED lights are also incredibly profitable, as it saves both energy and time.

They consume less energy. These bulbs last six times longer than normal bulbs, and cost half as much in electricity rate.

4- Choose a Cost-Effective Energy Supplier

By comparing plans of different suppliers in cities like New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, as, they are deregulated.

As a result, You can save a large chunk of your bill.

To compare energy suppliers go to americanenergychoice.com. As, it is free, easy, and trustable.


To conclude, saving energy is important as not only does it save your money but has an important role in saving our environment.

So, save energy bills through these steps and compare the results.


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