Friday, November 20th, 2020

What is “100% Renewable” Energy?

There are many kinds of renewable energy. Some of them are, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, biomass, hydrogen, and ocean.

All of these things are approximately 13% of the energy production from the US.

These energy, are not likely to disappear or deplete. One more advantage of them. Is that many produce zero carbon emissions.

These energies are way better than what non-renewable energies. As they provide you with the same electricity but with less harm to our planet.

Giving it more years to survive.

Types of Renewable energies

  • Wind- Energy captured through wind tubes and it results in electricity production.
  • Geothermal- Cooling and Heating of buildings by earth’s heat.
  • Hydroelectric- Dams generate electricity by using water to very fast machines.
  • Solar- Solar Panels are used to generate electricity from solar energy.
  • Biomass- Electricity generated through burning plants, woods and woods wastes.
  • Hydrogen- Electricity through burning as fuel. It is found abundant on earth.
  • Ocean- Waves and Tides as a medium for generating electricity.

However, not all renewable energy is green energy.

Some of them are considering these as renewable energies because of their abundance in a particular location.

Note that all the electricity is same, which means.

That all the electricity has the same quality. There is no difference because of their way of generation.

One, might question now, then why should we go for 100% renewable energy plan?

Choose 100% Renewable Energy Plan

If you choose a 100% Renewable Energy Plan. As a result, you will help create a greener, cleaner and pollution-free Earth.

In all these plans, your supplier purchase renewable energy credits. To match your need for energy. These credits are certificates. That help in funding additional green energy projects.

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Hence, you will have many suppliers to look upon and select from.

Importance of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy spreads no or low greenhouse gases. That’s good for the climate. It spreads no or low air pollutants.

That’s better for our health. It comes with low costs. That’s good for keeping prices at affordable levels.

Future of Renewable Energy

Many people claim that this is the beginning of the age of Renewable Energy.

Many reports suggests. That renewable energies are giving high competition to non-renewable and fossil fuel form energies.

Similarly, the prices of the fossil fuel energies are increasing due to its shortage.

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