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Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Solar Rooftop and American Houses

What is a solar rooftop?

Solar rooftop is solar panels that are placed on top of roofs of buildings. They secure the light energy released by the sun and convert it into electrical energy.

This setup is also known as a solar rooftop photo-voltaic system. It produces an Eco-friendly form of energy, meaning that it does not produce any type of pollution or harmful gases.

Why is solar rooftop not for every house?

There are many things to keep in mind to determine if your home can have a solar rooftop.

“The best homes for rooftop solar are south-facing, flat roofs, without obstructions like chimneys or vents, and blockages like trees or shade from neighboring homes,”

says David Amster-Olszewski, founder and CEO of SunShare, the largest community solar communities in Denver, CO.

The size of the roof matters too since these panels have to be placed together. It is impractical to have them in Small rooftops with limited space.

Rooftops who have obstructions like a chimney, or elevator shafts will not be able to generate enough power. Making it inefficient.

Rooftop material should also be taken into consideration. Since the material will impact the support of the panels leading to its sustainability.

Places who experience heavy rains for that 3 days a week should not consider having solar rooftops. Since it decreases the efficiency.

Here are some other points to keep in mind before thinking about solar rooftops.

Expensive Initial Cost

The cost of purchasing and installing the system is very high. Due to the materials required. Which include batteries, solar panels, inverters, and wiring. Not to forget the expense of installing it because it needs at least 4-5 professionals. Even more, if the place is vast.

However, due to constant development, the prices will go down in the future.

Dependence on Weather

Solar energy depends upon sunlight, though it can gather it during cloudy days. The efficiency will not be the same on rainy days.

The fact that the collection of solar energy is not possible at night, should also be taken into consideration.

Thermodynamic panels care also an alternative to solar panels. Especially, if u want effective energy during night and wintertime.

Storage Of Solar Energy Is Pricey

Either we can use solar energy right away or we have to store it in big batteries. Which use off-the-grid systems, where we can store them during the day, and use them at night.

Though it seems to be a good solution, it is very expensive. Due to the cost of these batteries.

But these batteries can be helpful since the energy demand is usually higher throughout the day.

Usage of Space

More electricity needs more solar panels, as the collection of sunlight should be high. These panels need a lot of space and many roofs are not that spacious enough to have those many panels.

An alternative to this can be putting panels in your yard. It will still need access to sunlight. Or simply install some panels which will fulfill some of your clean energy needs.

Association with Pollution

Although pollution is something you do not expect out of solar panels as they do not produce greenhouse gases.

There is usage of Some hazardous products and toxic materials during the manufacturing process of these systems. Which can affect the environment indirectly. Yet they are far less harmful than other alternatives.

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