Is working from home not making our internet happy?
Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Is working from home not making our internet happy?

Is working from home not making our internet happy? Since the COVID-19 crisis, most of us are working from home, About two-thirds of the 4.3 million ITBPO workforce around the country have moved to a work-from-home model (WFH)  to keep services uninterrupted during the lockdown. Experts predict some companies are likely to move to work from home permanently. But for most of us, the time was not enough for the preparation.

How a strong internet connection has now become essential?

Doing an important meeting through video call which pauses every five minutes ? It is a nightmare, but many people are facing this problem. It is because not all of us have a high connectivity internet plan.

The main reason behind it is we believe that there is no need for a high-speed internet since we do not stay at home most of the time.

But here we are, the tables have turned now, we have to stay at home the whole day and most of us share one connection with our whole family. This means if we have a normal package, with restricted high-speed internet connectivity, we are now struggling to download a light file as well.

This shows how everything has become internet-oriented.  Which makes it important for us to have a good internet connection especially for families.

Problems faced during this change.

The infrastructure that we have is generally used to high activities at specific times of the day, such as during the evening when people return from work and get online at home.

But the vast transfer of work and learning to people’s homes shows an inconsistent internet use, with many users sharing the same internet connections throughout the day and using high data apps that we usually reserve for offices and schools. 

Similarly, different places are used to different kinds of usage of data which has now changed because of WFH. Many states are facing internet jams because of this alteration.

How are vendors dealing with the problem?

One problem that we are facing during this coronavirus pandemic is shifting our work from the office to home which will help in stopping the spread. During this time all the states will see a drastic change like their connectivity because of extreme pressure.  

Most people take bundles which means a deal where the internet, tv, and telephone are provided by the same vendor. Now that the issue of connection is a significant one these providers are giving their best offers. 

This is making drastic problems and giving a lot of pressure to internet providers. AT&T, Charter and Verizon are also preparing to increase capacity on their systems with more equipment to upgrade networks. They are also putting emergency cell towers that are used to keep people online during natural disasters. 

However, one effective way to speed up your internet can be by switching it off completely for 5 minutes and they starting it over. It may help you a little. 

Work from home, Pros and Cons


  • Flexibility to take care of chores and appointments.
  • Fewer interruptions during work.
  • No commute time or expense.


  • No separation of work and leisure time.
  • Easy misunderstandings.
  • Not everyone has good internet connections.

How can we choose the best service provider?

We can simply compare it at where you choose out of all the providers in your locality by just entering the pin code. It is free, safe, and easy.

You can call the expert consultants if you need to find a plan. With letuscompare judgment can be quick and reliable.


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