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How to reduce your electric and natural gas bill?

How to reduce your electric and natural gas bill? Is your electric and natural gas bill is draining half your salary? Every month it has become like an unwelcomed guest? Do not worry, this article will give you 12 ways to reduce your electric and natural gas bill. 

Compare rates between the energy providers

The website helps you to compare all the electricity and natural gas suppliers in your locality for free and you can choose the most relevant one for you.

It is a very user friendly website where you can just provide your pin code and you will get your results.

It helps you to know when to switch your energy provider.

They also provide an excellent customer service program where they help you to find the best suitable plan for your house or office.

Make your house leak proof

Be it summer or winter, we need air conditioners or heaters. It is important that we do not have any holes or cracks through which the effectiveness of these appliances are compromised.

So, to save on that it is important to check regularly and repair and fill all the holes and cracks.

Make conserving energy your habit

The most important energy saving tip has and always will be is your way of using the utilities provided by you.

It is important to channel the energy. It is more important to make it your habit so that it helps in long term goals.

For example, switching off the lights and fans when leaving a room, having short showers, using air conditioners only when required, etc.

These are some of the many events where you can save the energy and therefore reduce your bills.

Use the right way of payment

It is very important to know the right way of paying your bills. It is because several times there are offers/cashbacks/bonus that we tend to miss. Due to our less knowledge towards these areas.

So, it is important to be aware since these companies have several offers every month which can help you to save approximately 5% of your regular bills.

One of the best way of paying is through debit cards because of regular cash bonuses or different offers.

Wash clothes in cold water

The process of washing clothes is already very high in the list of consumption of energy. However, washing clothes in cold water can result less usage of energy.

In order to provide warm water to the washer a significant amount of energy is needed, and washing in cold water is a smarter idea if you want to save on some electricity, as you can still wash your clothes but it will cost you less.

Reduce the use of personal heaters

Personal, or space, heaters use up a lot of energy. Plus, they are an inefficient way of warming up large areas.

Avoid using them and instead look for more efficient ways to keep warm—like improving your home’s insulation but if you want to warm a small space only.

A personal heater may be more profitable than heating the whole home with a furnace. Choose a radiant heater, which is more energy-efficient than other models.

Check and service your gas appliances every year

It is important that you have an HVAC technician to service any gas appliances, like stove or heater, every year. As proper maintenance of your appliances can prevent breakdowns with the addition to lowering down gas bills. It is also important to have upgraded appliances since it will help you to save more energy.

Buy energy efficient appliances

It is important to have an energy-efficient appliance as it leads to up to 30% energy savings, these appliances are built to conserve energy as much as possible which makes them a good option if you are looking to reduce your bill.

Hire professionals for sealing air ducts and cleaning air filters

Warm air may be escaping through holes or cracks around your air ducts. Call in an HVAC professional and ask them to seal the air ducts in your home. This will help keep the warm air inside and reduce your gas bill clogged furnace filters can make your heating system less efficient.

Dusted and clogged air filters can result to reduced air flow, making it less functioning. Be sure to replace any air filters in your home every 1-3 months. It is important that professionals do this work so that there is less possibility of error.

Use an adjustable thermostat 

It is important to use an adjustable thermostat as it will choose the temperature as per your requirement and since this source is our largest expense at home i.e., heating and cooling, but based on external temperature and personal preference, it can be subject to consumption of large units.

You can narrow the energy you consume and lower your electric bill by repelling the urge to turn up the heat or turn the thermostat down, but when that isn’t enough you should consider installing an adjustable thermostat.

With this device, you can simply program the temperature according to time of day without the need for adjusting it yourself.

This will allow the thermostat to make the changes automatically which will not only help your home to be more energy-efficient.

Energy-efficient light bulbs

Lighting uses approximately 5% of the house energy use. So if we switch from old fashioned incandescent bulbs to more efficient cfls and leds can reduce that.

Not only do leads reduce the amount of power needed to make light, but they also throw off less heat. Which plays an important role during warmer months when you’re cooling the home.

Plant trees

Planting trees like oaks and even hedges can work wonders if you want to save. If planted on the sunny side it will create shade and lower inside temperature.

So these are few tips to keep in mind if you want to reduce your electricity bill. Remember one thing to start with and that is comparing and researching.

For the best plan so that you are not wasting your money or resources.

Energy saving is a balancing act and every budget is different.


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